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Venue: The William Aiken House  | Church: Unitarian Church |  Wedding gown by Jenny Packham |  Earings by Jenny Packham  from White on Daniel Island | Bridesmaids’ dress by Jenny Yoo from Gown Boutique of Charleston  |  Bride’s shoes by Michael Kors  |  Groom’s tux by Alton Lane (NYC)  | Groomsmen’s tux from Berlins  |  Floral by Branch Studios  |  Rentals by Ooh Events  | Transportation by Absolutely Charleston  | DJ : Stephen Darby  |  Cake by Jim Smeal  |  Invitations by Dodeline Design  |  Caligrapher: Paige Tanenbaum  |  Caterer: Fish

I am humbled that i was the one to document Jason and Cameran’s beautiful wedding. I am happy to see that Charleston Magazine honored them by printing a full page of their wedding picture on the magazine.  Cameran and Jason are such wonderful and kind people.  i love being around them.

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