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Rehearsal Dinner: McCrady’s


Rehearsal dinners are a great way for us to come out and photograph the wedding party, the couple and their families in a more relax, non-wedding attire way. It is fun and and it is also a great opportunity to get to know the people prior to the wedding. I find that people are a little more comfortable around me the next day, the wedding day. My presence (and my cameras) are a little less intimidating. Somehow, because i met them and “hung out” with them at the rehearsal dinner, i am quickly accepted as a “friend” or a member of the family than a “vendor,” thus allowing me to get closer to people the next day and capture genuine moments.

i love shooting rehearsal dinners.  i highly recommend them.

Here are some images from Emily and John’s rehearsal dinner at McCrady’s in Charleston, South Carolina.

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